When you sit down to plan a project, create a draft document, or simply plot next steps in an already initiated undertaking, do you find your mind whirling with options, opportunities, and details (big and small)?  If you’re like me, you do.  I have no shortage of dreamscapes and they all seem to want center stage at the same time.  So plotting a course of action is a challenge.  I’ve tried organizational approaches from the traditional paper/pen, notecards, and post-it-notes lists to various digital graphic organizers.  Depending on the scope of a project, some worked better than others, but none seemed to work completely as I needed.  Then I found XMind.  It is an open source program that provides multiple templates for mind mapping.  It’s intuitive and it’s free.  There is a more sophisticated version that you can purchase, but I’ve found the free download very effective for everything from creating a presentation to planning a meeting to drafting a white paper.  I’ve even used it to track items I’ll need for a vacation.  You can find the free download at www.xmind.net.  Take a look.  I believe you’ll be pleased you did.

Posted in: Organizing for Success

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