The challenge of using technology as a teaching tool is not how much technology to shoehorn into a classroom or instructional period, but, rather, selecting the right technology for the task at hand. It can be a Goldilocks nightmare.

As a past Superintendent of Schools, I speak from experience on just how dicey these conversations can become and how frustrating it is to try and match learning goals to technological advances. I often thought how much simpler the selection process would be if there were a consumer guide; something along the lines of an educational technology Zagat.

Well, now thanks to Common Sense Media there is such a consumer guide, albeit in its early stages. Known as Graphite, the site will provide teachers and administrators, and, yes, parents too, the opportunity to see how professionals (early childhood educators, classroom teachers, educational technology experts) rate various software and hardware, websites, games, digital curricula, online learning programs, and the thousands of educational apps using a detailed rubric. The nice part, aside from reducing the craziness of web surfing for the “just right” app or hardware, Graphite is free. I recommend that you drop in on the site. You might even find yourself signing on as a reviewer.

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