If you are like me, you have thousands of thoughts swriling, virtual notes all over your PDA and computer, bookmarked resources so large that you can’t remember which is which, and frustration after frustration trying to remember that “perfect site” or “link” when a new thought pops up out of the blue.  Well, I found a great resource for teachers and students, and, for that matter, anyone who simply wants to organize their resources without having to slug through reams of print material, hundreds of post-it notes, or scroll endlessly down a litnany of saved favorites.

It’s LiveBinders.  The resource is rich with options for businesses, administrators, students, and even cooks.  Take a look. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.  My life is much more organized now and, I can access my resources anytime, anywhere as long as the cloud is available.

Posted in: Organizing for Success

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