Googling has surely become an art form, but should it be more a science? If you do not care what you find when you randomly Google a topic, then art form is probably the most optimum way to describe what you are doing. However, if you are a student doing internet research, then you probably want to view the use of Google, or other search engines, as a science.

A great resource for students, or anyone interested in learning the best ways to do research, is an eSchool News article by Kelly Maher titled “Teach Your Students the Right Way to Google.” In it you will learn the best approaches to actually do research. There is also a discussion and link on “Google Search Education” and a look at “Power Searching with Google.” There are also many other helpful hints on authenticity of information and source vetting. This is truly an article worth the read even if you are nowhere near needing to do research.

Posted in: Education, Technology

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