There is not a teacher out there that does not lose sleep over how to engage students and find success in their teaching. It is a curse of the profession that has haunted classrooms for all of time. The challenge existed in the one room school house and it exists today despite all of the technological innovations. So, when a good resource shows itself, I am wont to bring it to you quickly.

Cheryl Mizerny, writing in SmartBlog on Education (August 4, 2015) has corralled some great wisdom on ways to ensure that your students are engaged with you and in their learning. Her blog post, Reaching Every Student, is full of great ideas and information to help seasoned veterans and new teachers alike create great success pathways for every student.

With a new school year opening in just a few weeks, this blog post is truly worth a look see.


Posted in: Education, Organizing for Success, Professional Development

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