It’s hard to have a conversation with educators these days and not eventually get on to the topic of whether or not America’s educational systems are optimally preparing our youth to successfully manage the future.  The essential themes in all conversations tend to be – is the learning deep enough and are the learners (children and adults alike) able to use their learning unconventionally and creatively to problem solve.  Research reports and white papers abound on these talking points, so there’s no scarcity of information to consider.  The challenge is to find a source that is worthy of supporting the debate.  If deep learning is a topic you feel important, and I hope it is, I recommend the National Academies of Science Education for Life and Work:  Developing Transferable Skills in the 21st Century (2012).  It is comprehensive and worth the read.  Once you arrive at the site, you have an option of buying a paper version, downloading a PDF, or reading it online.

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