Co-teaching is a wonderful opportunity for a “two-fer.” You get the best of two professional backgrounds and combined expertise in one setting. However, it is not a simple thing, and this is the rub. Co-teaching is an evolving process and one that needs a great deal of tending.

If you are a teacher involved, or thinking about becoming involved, in co-teaching or a parent who has a student in a co-taught class, then I highly recommend you look in on Dec2015/Jan2016 edition of ASCD’s Educational Leadership which is dedicated to co-teaching. It is a very informative compilation of resources and opinions that will enlighten and guide you on the good and the difficult aspects of the practice.

You can access the magazine at the ASCD website. Once on the site, go to the Educational Leadership tab. The current edition on co-teaching is the top reference. Spoiler alert – you may have to be an ASCD member to access certain items, but overall you will get a good overview of the co-teaching process.

Good reading!


Posted in: Education, Professional Development, Special Education

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