How We Help Students and Families

Our approach for individuals and families is to address a solution path that allows them to quickly assume ownership of their success plans. CHIE can provide guidance and support in addressing a host of educational topics ranging from Individual Education and 504 Accommodation Plans to selecting the right school to dealing with a sensitive school issue to talented and gifted programming and beyond. The language of education is often difficult to understand. CHIE can interpret the educational jargon for you so you can make an informed decision about current or future educational plans and programs. In every situation, CHIE is a complete partner in the success cycle and serves as a guide or active leader as needs dictate.

CHIE’s Method

At CHIE, we believe each situation is unique; therefore, we do not use broad brush, general solutions. Plans of action are tailor made for each individual and family we serve.

We begin with an in depth interview and fact harvest that provide the basis for planning forward. Once the fact harvest is complete, CHIE develops a detailed plan of action (e.g., goals, benchmarks, timelines, responsible persons, necessary resources and budget, and projected outcomes). That plan is reviewed by all parties, modified as necessary, and agreed upon before the plan is activated.

Once the plan is in action, it is constantly monitored for success or necessary revisions. Dependent on the sensitivity and importance of the plan components, reports of progress may be provided weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. There is always an annual summary report of progress provided to guide future planning or a project completion report that serves as a verification of successful plan completion.

CHIE is seamlessly available to its clients. Schedules of desired contact are the preferred method for formal communication. Informal communication is available through email and phone at any time during the normal work week. Emergency outreach is available 24/7.