CHIE’s Journey

CHIE is an idea that has taken a long time to take form. Until recently, I was focused on various career paths and CHIE was an often visited, but uncompleted vision. As 2013 began, I realized that it was time to re-channel my energy and bring my vision to life. CHIE is now available to help you better understand and successfully manage the complex process we know as education.

CHIE’s foundation and values come from a series of transformational events I experienced as I moved from apprentice educator to master craftsman. This was a journey of thirty plus years that took me from classroom teacher to State Department of Education official to Superintendent of Schools and into the worlds of private, for profit, and non-profit education leadership. It has been quite the passage and along the way I have gathered a great deal of wisdom and knowledge. Through CHIE, I am now using those assets to help students, families, and educational organizations define success.

I am happy that you’ve dropped by CHIE and hope that you will become a member of the CHIE community.

With warmest regards,

ozDr. Abbey, known as Oz, is a master educator with deep experience in educational leadership, curriculum design, assessment, professional development, and special education. In the public sector, he has served as a classroom teacher, Superintendent of Schools, and State Department of Education official. In the private for profit and non-profit sectors, he has held positions of private school Principal, Sr. Vice President of Education at Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., and CEO of Valley Forge Educational Services, Inc. He has also served or is serving on various governing Boards of both for profit and non-profit organizations.

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