A New Year’s Wish – 2016

The Universe has always provided challenges of delicate balances. Each generation faces different and, thanks to progress, unique contests of finding ways to cohabitate on our planet and ensure life, as we know it, prospers. These challenges make up the universal rhythms to which we all dance, day in and day out. The caution is to never allow the rhythms … Continue reading

Every Student Succeeds Act [ESSA] – Caveat Emptor

When unveiling a new, or in the case of the ESSA, a renewed paradigm, it is important to use extreme creativity and hard, indisputable facts to ensure that proof of concept is readily accepted by the consumer. This is a simple and basic tenet of marketing 101. The true challenge lays four square on whether that proof of concept is … Continue reading

Should FORMATIVE assessments be graded?

This is a question that is capturing educational blog space. It’s pretty straight forward. A simple question deserves a simple answer – no, they should not be graded! Formative assessment is the pinnacle of a feedback loop that allows students to take risks, grow, trust, and – endgame – learn. Once a risk is “counted,” you can be sure that … Continue reading

Opt In – Learn Something Opt Out – Learn Nothing

The Opt Out movement – the parental decision to keep their children from taking national or state exams in deference to locally flavored assessments of learning – is a bit boggling when placed side-by-side with the expectation that U.S. students need to be prepared to compete in a global, fast paced, volatile economic environment. Such a position begs the question … Continue reading

Is Money An Answer When Change Is A Desired Outcome? Yes and No

In the environment of change, be it political, educational, financial, or social change, there is an ongoing debate on whether money (and lots of it) is an answer. There are instances where money (and the support mechanisms that money can create) has proven beneficial and, in contrast, there are numerous situations where money, regardless of the amount, has had little … Continue reading

Education Reform is Getting Personal

I have long been interested in education reform for many reasons, most having to do with the personal impact of a system that is too large to fail, but is failing nonetheless. This failing is despite a host of individuals and foundations who have been willing to put millions, if not billions, into research and development of educational reform, the … Continue reading

Success Requires Showing Up?

Yes, it certainly does! However, there’s more to success than just showing up. The original quote – “80% of success is showing up” – is attributed to Woody Allen, and, by most standards, it is true. If you are not present in the game, room, meeting, classroom, or whatever environment (virtual or actual) you conjure, then you cannot be successful. … Continue reading

What’s In a Name? (Could be everything)

In a recent NPR Education commentary on the multitude of options for giving names to those hard to define skills that everyone knows we need to be successful, but no one knows quite what to call them, we find there are names after all. The problem is, few agree on the titles in use. If you have been wondering what … Continue reading

You Are What You Learn!

Sound familiar? Usually, such sentiments are around food and health – “you are what you eat.” However, when applied to education, the sentiment takes on an entirely different, yet equally important meaning. In fact, it supersedes all other like sentiments as it begs the question of what we learn as a guiding principle of everything else we choose to do. … Continue reading

Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Moccasins

It is an old saying, but a relevant one even in today’s hyper techno world where answers are instantaneous and time precious.  The saying begs that you would take the time to understand what someone else is feeling by sharing their experiences. A twist on the mindful experience of knowing one’s self through quiet understanding, patience, and care. In a … Continue reading